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Updated 6.03.2005

Download: - 32k MacOSX

Operating Systems: MacOSX

CurlSafari is an AppleScript that downloads the data at the URL of the frontmost window in Safari. This is useful for downloading QuickTime movies after watching them in Safari, as a 'Save As...' command in Safari 2.0 yields a 4KB file which is not the QuickTime movie you were just watching.

Not really useful unless you have Tiger. You should edit the script if Safari is not your primary browser.

Thanks to hypert at for the code to invoke a traditional "Save As" dialog.

If you find any bugs, or if you have suggestions, please contact us.


Updated 12.02.2005

Download: - 32k MacOSX

Operating Systems: MacOSX
Requirements: Firefox 0.8 or higher

GeoScript is an Applescript that takes a set of coordinates and brings up two browser windows; one with MS Terraserver, and one with Google maps, both pointed to the coordinates entered.

More info in the ReadMe. I'm releasing this software under the terms of the GPL.

If you find any bugs, or if you have suggestions, please contact us.

TAG - Text Adventure Game v0.8

Updated 08.08.2004

Download: - 232k MacOSX
Download: - 220k Windows
Download: - 52k Others

Operating Systems: Many.
Requirements: Java 1.4.2
Other versions of the java runtime environment may work, but have not been tested.

This is a program for creating and playing text adventure games.

New in this version:

  • Everything! This is something April and I started while in Germany, but we ran into some problems at a pretty fundamental level, and decided it would have to be rewritten. April has done just that, almost singlehandedly. Included with the game is one pre-made game to play, as well as instructions for creating and playing your own games.

Known Issues:

  • This is a beta release. This isn't a one size fits all, create any text adventure game program, but it is pretty flexible.

  • People are missing! You can only have one person (the player) in the game. Look for other people in subsequent versions.

  • Read the ReadMe.

If you find any other bugs, or if you have suggestions, please write us at


Updated 14.01.2004

Download: clickdesktop2.tar - 100k
Operating System: MacOS 10.1 and later

This is an AppleScript that brings open Finder windows to the front when you switch to the Finder (i.e., click on the Desktop). This imitates the behavior of the pre-OSX Finder. The implementation leaves much to be desired, but it works.

New in this version:

  • Fixed the problem with ClickDesktop when emptying the trash that caused ClickDesktop to display a message saying that the Finder is busy, and then quit.

Known Issues:

  • To quit ClickDesktop, you'll probably have to bring it to the front and type “command-period”.

  • When logging out, you must first manually quit ClickDesktop (see above).

If you find any other bugs, or if you have suggestions, please contact us.

Added 14.10.04

I've been using ClickDesktop2 daily since January, and I haven't run in to any problems. I also like the fact that I have to manually tell it to quit--sometimes I really didn't want to restart after all.

Please note that all software on this page is provided as freeware, or has been released under the terms of the GPL, and does not come with a warranty of any kind, expressed or implied. The author(s) of this software cannot be responsible for damages of any sort resulting from the use of this software.